U Know YouTube Trivia is the newest game created by Derek Sheldon. This visually appealing game is a great addition to your establishment or special events live entertainment roster. An appealing fun game to play utilizing the past, and most current/popular Youtube videos, it will challenge even the greatest of trivia masters. The concept is simple yet the level of entertainment is endless. We will use a compilation of YouTube videos per 1-2 hour session depending on your facility or event needs and ask an array of questions on the videos. While that may seem easy enough, there will be tricks and hidden items on the display. Points will accrue if the correct responses are answered and a final winner will be determined. The game is progressive and the level of difficulty increases as the game continues forward. U Know YouTube Trivia is completely unique to the area and possibly the entire nation! U Know YouTube is geared for all age ranges and intellectual levels. Why not combine the power of sight, sound, and knowledge to your next event or your establishment?

You will only find this game at Supersound DeeJay's. Contact us now for a demonstration or booking information.


Why Choose U Know YouTube Trivia?

No Cheating: Great feature to this game is the lack of ability to "cheat" as in other known trivia games.

Keep um' Coming Back: Creates a happy and responsive feedback from your guests or clientele unlike other trivia games.

I'm too Old to Play: Fun and easy to play geared for any audience size or age demographic.

Be Different: A fresh new dynamic format in trivia not seen before in the area.

 Videos Are More Fun: Instead of the old boring vocal trivia, adding the visual component will captivate your stimulate your audience or clientele.


Still not sure? Here's a taste:

Grab a pen or pencil and name as many movie titles as possible...Good Luck!