Pub/Bar/Restaurant trivia has made a fierce come back in the local Reading, PA and Southeastern Pennsylvania area. College students, bar patrons, and local unemployed M.I.T grads love it alike. If you want your patrons to feel like the local Einstein you need trivia. We create the coolest questions thanks to Google and Wikipedia and of course-our imagination! Trivia is such an easy fun and simple installation to your establishment. Our equipment is so powerful and small it virtually eliminates a large footprint of bulky audio equipment in your establishment. We, however, are never are small on the fun! You will be astounded at the the success and life it brings to your event or establishment all about the the price of about 15 Guniness.


Game takes about 1.5-2 hours to play

    Music and DJ personality (Included for free!)

        Can accommodate as many teams as possible

Answer sheets

Scrap paper

Pencils NOT Pens (Yes, we all make mistakes!)

Includes 4 rounds of trivia a total of 16 questions

Halftime Puzzle for additional points

Helter Skelter Maylay Question

                       Select prizes for Top 3 winning teams