Karaoke (カラオケ, a portmanteau of Japanese kara 空 "empty," and ōkesutora オーケストラ "orchestra")(English pronunciation: /ˌkæriːˈoʊkiː/; Japanese: [kaɽaoꜜke]  ( listen)) is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music (and/or a music video) using a microphone and public address system.

You seen it done before, you may have even participated. Heck you may even be a genuine Japanese Karaoke Master, but whatever your level Supersound DJ's can host your event! Give life to your business or an event with the utmost level of fun. Let your guests or patrons provide the event entertainment. We have the largest Karaoke database in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County, and Reading PA. Others can say they have the "five pound book." Supersound's DJ's has a 10 pound book! Actually we are so hands on you won't even require "the book." Who needs slips of paper anyway-save a tree! While we do have books (the 10lbs ones of course) for reference our hosts will be more than happy to personally interact with your prospective "rock star" and input their next new platinum single.


For Your Business!



 1. Your stock of fresh steaks are going bad and you need to sell them- get some entertainment!

2 . You have a new establishment that requires a jump start to solicit patrons or your current one needs some life!

3. Karaoke is still very popular, especially when you add Supersound DJ's interaction and panache.

4. We always add a level of entertainment unmatched by the competition. We believe no DeeJay should just sit and prompt music on a laptop! Matter fact we don't sit at all.


5. Your business needs visibility don't be INVISIBLE! Entertainment and Karaoke is the fastest choice to help your P&L look like it was on steroids. We offer the best rates and highest quality entertainment. Give us 30 days to bring your dead night around. We also offer packages to help restore and promote the event, or you can promote it yourself. There are thousands of local restaurants and bars as your competition, offer your patrons more fun. After all, life is all about fun!