Bite Me Trivia is one of our newest trivia/bar/pub games we are launching created by Gregg Winston. Utilizing sound bites and sound clips from famous events, movies, and various other sources we created a trivia game to test one's knowledge...with audio. A game rich in content with a challenging fun fast pace geared to stimulate a thought provoking experiencing featuring old and new sound clips. Only Supersound DJ's has  has introduced this type of format in a trivia game and you will only find it at Supersound DJ's. Contact us now for a quote or a demonstration.


Why Choose Bite Me?

No Cheating Allowed: Great feature to this game is the lack of ability to "cheat" as in other known trivia games.

Keep Um' Coming Back: Creates a happy and responsive feedback from your guests or clientele unlike other trivia games.

I'm Too Old To Play: Fun and easy to play geared for any audience size or age demographic.

Be Different: A fresh new dynamic format in trivia not seen before in the area.

 Audio is Better: Why just have the same old boring trivia. Add the audio component to keep um' happy for hours!